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The 4 Cs To Successful Career Visioning

Strategies to refresh your career In this series of blogs we will be looking at how you can identify where you want your career to go and develop a plan to get there. In this blog we will look at the 4C’s to successful career visioning. But what are these 4 C’s you may ask? […]

A Successful Work Experience Placement

A Successful Work Experience Placement Work experience placements should be enjoyable and meaningful experiences for young people and the unemployed alike. It is an opportunity for them to see what it’s like to do a particular role and getter an appreciation of working within the construction sector. It also gives both parties the opportunity to […]

Apprenticeship Updates 2016/17

Apprenticeship Blog There are a number of changes that are about to take effect or have taken effect this year, as outlined below. Frameworks to Standards Apprenticeship funding & apprenticeship levy Levels of apprenticeships Registered Training Providers Institute for Apprenticeships This blog seeks to outline the changes & untangle the mystery of apprenticeships for you […]

S106/Employment & Skills -A Headache Or Opportunity?

Under a S106 Agreement, the developer has obligations to provide a number of employment & skills initiatives that benefit the local community. The developer may pass these obligations down to the main contractor who may in turn pass down to their supply chain. In some instances there may be financial implications for not achieving the […]

10 Steps To Managing S106 / Employment & Skills Plan

10 Steps to managing S106 / Employment & Skills Plan Clarify definitions, evidence required and reporting requirements with local authority/client personnel.  Develop a plan with the site team at early stages of site set up taking into account the size & duration of the various packages to identify opportunities for apprentices & where jobs for […]


How many companies promote individuals because they are technically good but then wonder why they fail in managing others when they haven’t had any training, coaching or guidance in managing others? Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other John F Kennedy      


If you have a positive attitude and constantly STRIVE to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges. Pat Riley