Strive Development can assist your company in developing

your team through a variety of ways, as outlined below:

HR & Learning & Development Support

  • On a retainer basis for companies that do not have their own HR Resource

  • For one off projects that require additional resource e.g. training needs analysis, talent review projects, training plans

  • Assistance with interviews, policies, procedures

Developing Your Team through Personal Development Programmes

We offer a range of Personal Development Programmes from Personal Organization to Influencing & Presentation Skills

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching can be effective if you want an individual to focus on a particular area to enhance key skills or help them to deal with a particular situation more effectively; it is focussed on an individual’s needs. Tele-coaching can be used in conjunction with training programmes to embed the learning & deal with any queries participants may have when applying the learning.

Mentoring can assist in developing those identified on your succession plan.Coaching/mentoring is offered as a series of sessions which each last an hour & a half. (insert what is mentoring pdf)

Make reference to Leadership & Management page & Emerging Talent Page

Leadership & Management Workshops