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Newsletter – Oct 2019

Strive Development have been busy this year working on a range of projects including:

  • Planning and facilitating an apprentice assessment centre
  • Developing Employment & Skills Plans for a main contractor and then managing it to ensure they meet their targets on apprentices .
  • Assisting candidates at the Skills Centre in Elephant & Castle with CVs and giving them advise and guidance in finding a job/apprenticeship in construction
  • Developing and running a Social Value/S106 workshop to enhance people’s knowledge around this area

On Line Videos –

Strive Development are pleased to announce that they have teamed up with Videotile to offer a wide range of training videos via our website.

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On Line Videos

Here are some examples of the videos on offer:


  • GDPR
  • Assessing Display Screen Equipment

Health & Safety

  • Manual Handling
  • Personal Safety for Lone Workers
  • Asbestos Awareness for Architects & Designers
  • Food Safety

Personal Development

  • Stress Management
  • Time Management

Managing Others

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Developing Teamwork

Sales/Marketing for Business

  • Social Media for Business
  • Sales Skills
  • Linkedin for Business

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If you would like a free trial or want to discuss purchasing a number of licences for your business, please contact Amanda to discuss further on or call on 01923 927085.


Strive Development are growing & would like to welcome Simon Pearce

I would like to welcome Simon Pearce to the Strive Development team as Social Value Consultant. Simon has many years experience of working in community-based roles including recruitment, local authorities and construction contractors.

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Strive Development are growing

He has worked on many regeneration and private projects which differ in approach and methodology.  Through meticulous planning and relationship building he has a track record of enabling projects to achieve their outcomes cost effectively and within the timescales agreed.  He offers bespoke recruitment solutions whilst being creative and innovative in his approach, aligning Corporate Social Responsibility to Social value in S106 obligations.

Simon has a very good understanding of how local councils work, appreciating the nuances associated with large organisations and is adapt at focusing on the strategic aim of a project and how best to deliver. Simon has built and maintains a good network of regeneration professionals including planners, construction managers, supply chain contractors and developers.


Apprentices can be a key part of a company’s emerging talent strategy. As we are entering the start of the new academic year when a large number of apprentices start their employment,

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I thought it good to look at some do’s and don’ts of apprentice inductions.



Do prepare for them starting & organise any PPE/equipment/tools/passes/IT etc

Don’t plan yourself to have meetings with others on their first day

Do remember this may be their first job

Don’t assume they know what the dress code, working hours are

Do spend time to get to know your apprentices

Do tell them what you expect of them/your standards

Don’t overload them with too much information on the first day – spread it out

Do explain the roles & responsibilities of you as employer, them as apprentice and the training provider

Don’t assume they know what their apprenticeship programme will involve

Do explain/show the welfare facilities, break entitlements, emergency procedures

Do explain your absence procedure – who should they call

Do plan to have regular reviews with your apprentice. This may be weekly for first 4-6 weeks and then move to monthly then quarterly. This is an opportunity for both sides to discuss how it is going and iron out any issues.

Employment & Skills Plans

Strive Development have worked successfully with McLaren Construction in Hackney where they have successfully planned and managed the Employment & Skills Plan.

Employment & Skills Plan

Gordon Wescombe, Project Director recently wrote the attached testimonial. Thanks Gordon.

McLaren Construction Ltd.