In our experience some developers can encounter challenges with social value obligations or prefer to pay money rather than add social value to the community in which they are operating.

Strive Development can save you time and money by offering an end to end solution for Social Value from Design to Operational stage. With our industry leading track record we can assist you and your contractors in meeting their obligations on time, on budget and to specification.

Strive Development is a leading Learning & Development/Social Value Consultancy with extensive experience with blue chip companies, including 25 years within the construction industry.

Social Value Services

  • Assisting with writing Social Value aspects of bid.
  • Developing a Social Value/ Employment & Skills Plan to meet your obligations.
  • Obtaining sign off of Social Value/Employment & Skills Plan from local authority.
  • A fast track Employment and Skills Plan (ESP) process.
  • Managing the Social Value / Employment & Skills Plan.
  • We can offer continuity of Social Value from Design through to Operational stage.