Apprenticeship Myths

Apprenticeship Myths

Apprenticeship Myths 2017

Here are some Myths & Facts about Apprenticeship…


MYTH: Apprenticeships are for 16-24 year olds

FACT: Apprenticeships are now open to people of any age


MYTH: Apprenticeships are for new recruits only

FACT: Apprenticeships are available for new & existing staff. Existing staff can undertake an apprenticeship to further develop their skills and gain qualifications in areas such as team leading, project management

Apprenticeship Myths

MYTH: Apprenticeships are just for trades.

FACT: There are over 1500 apprentice job roles in over 170 industries. Apprenticeships now range from a hairdresser, carpenter to mortgage adviser, accounting, social media, aviation operations manager, business improvement technician & nuclear technician. The list is extensive.


MYTH: Apprenticeships are just for the less academic

FACT: You can now undertake an apprenticeship at level 2 (equivalent to GCSEs) right through to level 6 (degree level). If you undertake a degree level apprenticeship you typically are working 4 days a week and attending university 1 day a week for 5 years. On completion of your apprenticeship, you have a degree, experience and no debt (& you will have been paid a wage whilst undergoing your apprenticeship).


MYTH: Employers don’t get funding for apprentices over 24.

FACT: With the changes to apprenticeship funding in April 17, the government will fund 90% of the apprenticeship training cost (up to a maximum banding) with the employer paying the remaining 10% . For those employers paying apprenticeship levy, they are fully funded. Additional funding is available for 16-18 year olds.