The job market is changing rapidly. The way young people interact with potential employers has changed too. Employers have to evolve to attract, retain and develop the best people.

In our experience, Heads of L&D / HR have had mixed results with previous recruitment campaigns. The pressure is on to attract talent, but the pipeline is far from reliable. Candidates are often not ‘job ready’.

Strive Development brings expertise and experience in overcoming these challenges. Depending on your needs we can provide a spectrum of support – from advice only to full outsourcing.

“Amanda has worked with P J Careys in updating and revitalising our Graduate ICE and RICS Scheme. She liaised with both the Institution of Civil Engineers and Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, using her contacts within those institutions.

Amanda’s consultative and professional approach meant that we could fully consider what we wanted from a graduate scheme and ensure that we give our graduates the appropriate support they need whilst ensuring that they realise that it is their responsibility to drive their development.

As well as rewriting the graduate schemes, Amanda is also acting as a retained consultant for us and delivering personal development workshops as part of the graduate programme.

Amanda has a flexible style and a good knowledge and understanding of the construction industry.”

Stephen Harper, Operations Director, Careys Group PLC

Attracting, Retaining and Developing Talent


  • Work Experience Programmes
  • Apprenticeships
  • Graduates and Personal Development
  • Emerging Talent Strategy

Work Experience Programmes

Offering work experience raises the profile of your company to local schools and colleges

20% of employers that offer work experience say it helps with recruitment

A work experience placement gives individuals the opportunity to decide if that sector/role is for them

A work experience placement gives your business the opportunity to “try before you buy”

In our experience, a successful work experience placement could lead to recruitment of an apprentice

Young people with 4 or more work experience-type activities under their belt are 5 times less likely to be not in education, employment or training

Legal Obligations

  • Insurance
  • Health and safety

Organising Work Placements

  • Liaise with schools/colleges in relation to dates etc.
  • Advise on young person risk assessments, insurance, health & safety matters

Developing Programme

  • Liaise with departments on work experience programmes
  • Design work experience workbook
  • Design work experience induction
  • Jointly with company develop a project for work experience student
  • Advise on work experience accreditation schemes as appropriate

Reviewing Programme

  • Develop review form to review placement with student
  • Evaluate programme with company afterwards & make any necessary adjustments


Recruiting an apprentice can increase your productivity

They can bring fresh, innovative ideas to your business

Existing staff can undertake an apprenticeship in areas such as project management or team leading to enhance their qualifications

An apprentice can help you develop and grow your business

Anyone over 16 can do an apprenticeship & the company be eligible for funding

Apprenticeship standards exist in a wide range of sectors, roles & levels

There are now apprenticeship standards from level 2(equivalent to GCSEs) to level 6 (degrees)

You can progress from one level of apprenticeship to another

Recruitment of apprentices

  • How to attract them, where to advertise, developing person specification
  • Designing and running assessment centres
  • Assisting with interviews

Training Provider

  • Identifying appropriate apprenticeship standard and level
  • Identifying suitable training providers and selection as appropriate


  • Advising on funding available (apprenticeship/CITB funding)


  • Training line managers on managing an apprentice
  • Training staff to become apprentice mentors
  • Delivering Personal Development Workshops to the apprentices


Recruitment of graduates

  • How to attract them, where to advertise, developing person specification
  • Designing and running assessment centres
  • Assisting with interviews

Graduate Scheme

  • Design and developing your graduate scheme to meet your business strategy
  • Guide and assist you in gaining accreditation with relevant professional institutions for your graduate scheme
  • Managing the graduate scheme


  • Training line managers on managing a graduate
  • Training staff to become graduate mentors
  • Delivering Personal Development Workshops to the graduates

Personal Development Workshops

  • Personal Organisation: analysing how use your time & plan for improvements, identify difference between urgent & important, dealing with time bandits
  • Self-Awareness: increasing your self-awareness through MBTI & enhancing your relationships. What is Emotional Intelligence & how can it help me?
  • Presentation Skills: how to structure a presentation, key rules, presenting with confidence
  • Relationship Management: identifying your network & which relationships need developing
  • Influencing Skills: 5 easy steps, influencing styles, influencing different personalities
  • Effective Communication within the Workplace: how communication works, active listening, recognising barriers to communication, adapting communication style to achieve win:win
  • Career Planning: Career visioning, strengths & development areas, the 4Cs, developing a career plan

Emerging Talent Strategy

Do you want to grow your business?

Do you want to develop your own talent?

Have you considered what the cost benefit analysis of recruiting an apprentice or graduate is?

An emerging talent strategy:

  • Aligns with your business strategy
  • Can outline your process of offering work experience, recruiting apprentices and graduates
  • Can identify where you envisage your apprentices/graduates being in 5/10 years time

Free Consultation

Feel free to contact us for a no obligation discussion regarding your people and emerging talent objectives. Requirements can vary, so we are happy to take the time to listen to your challenges and offer advice.