Often people are promoted because they are technically good but they may have not received any training or coaching in managing others. In order for your managers and teams to be effective, it’s important that your managers are equipped with the skills to manage others.

Strive Development can assist your company in equipping your managers with the skills to manage others effectively and get the best out of their teams.

We offer interactive workshops (face-to-face or online) that involve group discussions drawing on individuals experiences as well as exercises to apply the learning. We also offer follow up online coaching sessions to assist in embedding the learning or talking through particular situations.

“I worked with Amanda for a number of years and always found her supportive and helpful whenever I needed help or advice with staff training. I also attended a leadership module which contained many elements directly influenced by Amanda – this module resulted in positive behavioural change in many senior managers including myself!”

John Lang, Director at JL Bid Support Services Ltd

Areas We Cover

  • Building an Effective Team – characteristics of effective teams, how teams develop and communicate, managing conflict within teams
  • Managing Your Team – holding effective 1:1’s, goal setting, giving constructive feedback, understanding and motivating others.
  • Coaching and Delegation – Key principles of coaching, GROW model, effective listening & questioning, delegating effectively & with confidence.
  • Mentoring – What it is and isn’t, effective listening and questioning, success factors, the 4 stages of mentoring.
  • Effective Meetings – preparing for meetings, contribution and follow-up. Effective chairing of meetings.
  • Leadership Workshop – Attributes of a successful team, characteristics of a good leader, different leadership styles, leadership shadow, managing others through setting expectations, delegation & giving feedback. Handling conflict within a team (Thomas Kilmann).
  • Recruitment Interview Skills – Preparing for the interview, do’s and don’ts of interviews, questions, decision making and planning for your new starter.
  • Managing Performance Issues – Dealing effectively and sensitively with performance issues.
  • Having Challenging Conversations – The what, the why and the how. Building the confidence to have the conversation rather than put it off.
  • Managing your Stakeholders – Who are your stakeholders, what power and interest do they have? Stakeholder mapping.

Free Consultation

We can mix and match workshops to suit your requirements. Please contact us for a free no obligation consultation.