In our experience some developers can encounter challenges with social value obligations or prefer to pay money rather than add social value to the community in which they are operating.

Strive Development can save you time and money by offering an end to end solution for Social Value from Design to Operational stage. With our industry leading track record we can assist you and your contractors in meeting their obligations on time, on budget and to specification.

Strive Development is a leading Learning & Development/Social Value Consultancy with extensive experience with blue chip companies, including 25 years within the construction industry.

Social Value Services

  • Assisting with writing Social Value aspects of bid.
  • Developing a Social Value/ Employment & Skills Plan to meet your obligations.
  • Obtaining sign off of Social Value/Employment & Skills Plan from local authority.
  • A fast track Employment and Skills Plan (ESP) process.
  • Managing the Social Value / Employment & Skills Plan.
  • We can offer continuity of Social Value from Design through to Operational stage.

Assisting with writing Social Value aspects of bid


  • Research the local area to establish what are the key priorities for the local authority
  • Facilitate a social value workshop to determine approach
  • Identify key community groups to engage with
  • Use our experience of working with a number of London boroughs and a few councils outside London
  • Build relationships with key stakeholders and community groups

Writing The Bid:

  • Answer social value questions within a bid (not environmental)
  • Create innovative solutions
  • Attend interviews/workshops as requested

Developing an Employment & Skills Plan to meet your Social Value obligations

Popular workshops:

  • Research the local area to establish what are the key priorities for the local authority and align this to your company values
  • Identify key community groups to engage with
  • Develop or build on our existing relationships with a number of London local authorities and a few outside London

Developing the Employment & Skills Plan:

  • We will discuss with you your key social value priorities and build this into the plan
  • We will liaise with the contractor to establish the key trades involved in the project, their duration & average number of personnel during construction phase
  • From the data gathered and our experience, we will develop a draft construction employment & skills plan plus an operational ESP if required
  • Together with yourselves, we will negotiate the employment & skills plan with the local authority

Managing the Social Value / Employment & Skills Plan

  • Working with and supporting the main contractor and it’s supply chain in implementing the plan
  • Produce regular reports updating both yourselves and the local authority on progress against targets on the Social Value /Employment & Skills Plan
  • Engage with local job brokerages, schools, colleges, community groups and other key stakeholders as appropriate
  • Plan & organise, in conjunction with yourselves, community events, site visits, work experience
  • Monitor progress of apprentices
  • Develop case studies/good news stories that can be promoted within the local community and utilised in bidding for future work

Track Record

  • Negotiated local authority apprentice targets down from 56 to 30 and achieved apprentice targets on the project – reducing the contractor’s obligations.
  • Negotiated apprentice target down from 27 to 24 and achieved 35 apprentices on the project
  • Obtained sign off by local authority within two weeks from submission
  • Exceeded work experience placements
  • Avoided contractor having to pay financial penalties for non-achievement

Free Consultation

Feel free to contact us for a no obligation discussion regarding your social value needs. Social value requirements can vary, so we are happy to take the time to listen to your challenges and offer advice.