Career Visioining

The 4 Cs To Successful Career Visioning

Strategies to refresh your career

In this series of blogs we will be looking at how you can identify where you want your career to go and develop a plan to get there.
In this blog we will look at the 4C’s to successful career visioning.

But what are these 4 C’s you may ask?

Career Visioining

Clarity is about understanding what’s important to you and what you want from your career. Consider these:
What are your personal values?

– What type of work life balance do you want?
– What motivates/interests you & what demotivates/dissatisfies you?
– What locations are you happy to work in/length of commute?
– What energises you & gives you enjoyment?
– What are your career aspirations?
– What type of boss do you want?
– Do you want to be your own boss & run your own business?
– What type of working environment do you like to work in?
– What are your highlights and lowlights of your career to date?
– What does this tell you about yourself

Once you have answered these questions you will have clarity on what’s important to you in terms of a career and work/life balance.


Competence is defining what you are good at. So list down your strengths, skills, experience, qualifications, achievements & knowledge. Then get someone that knows you well to read through it and tell you what you’ve missed. You’ll be surprised at how long the list is.

How self-aware are you? We will be covering self-awareness in a blog later in this series.


So you’ve clarified what you want from a career, identified what you’re good at but how confident are you? By understanding your ways of behaving and interacting with others, you can increase your confidence.
We all have a personal brand. If you think of Richard Branson, you may describe him as a casually dressed, innovative, successful entrepreneur that takes risks and learns from failure.

Do you know what your personal brand is? If you asked a friend or colleague to describe you in 5 words what would they say? Is that the brand you want to portray? Are you sending a clear or mixed message to people?

– Consider the following questions:
– What are your unique selling points?
– How do you positively impact on others?
– What is your style?

Having answered these you may then want to decide what you need to continue/stop and start doing.


How many times have you had a new year’s resolution, only to have given up on it by February? The key to a successful career vision is having the commitment to stick to it. It is important that your career plan is:

Career Visioining

There will be hard times and things that don’t go to plan but you have to pick yourself up and get back on the path. Remember what your end goal is and visualise what they will look like. We all make mistakes along the way but learning from these can make us a stronger person.

Consider who will support you in achieving your career plan and what barriers may stop you. How will you overcome the barriers?

It is also key that you review your Career Plan regularly to see what you have achieved, what you need to work on and any amendments that are required.
“Amanda’s advice comes with the sound knowledge that it’s heartfelt and backed by years of experience. She treats you as an individual and with respect. I found the different techniques used by Amanda in determining the right course of action or in making you realise your goals are efficient and thought provoking. My experience in using Amanda’s advice has been positive and extremely useful, I’ve found myself creating and viewing my goals in a more focused and positive manner which has allowed me to embrace, drive and deliver on my career aspirations.” Jacques Mein, Asst Bid Manager

Jacques Mein, Asst Bid Manager