Use your holiday to reflect on your career goals & aspirations


As we approach the holiday season are you looking forward to those relaxing weeks in the sun with a cocktail & good book?

Whilst on holiday, we may also use the time to reflect on our careers and aspirations. You may want to consider the following questions:

  • How have you developed yourself over the past year?
  • What would you love to learn or improve on?
  • If you have a specific career goal, what have you done this year to move closer to it?
  • Have you reviewed your career goals this year?
  • What have you achieved this year?
  • What are you proud of?
  • Are you happy in your job?
    • If no, why & what can you do to improve it?

It’s great if you have a career goal or aspiration but you need to regularly review it &unless you break it down into short & medium term goals you won’t achieve it. Reflect back on what you’ve done so far this year, what you’ve learnt and achieved. Record what you’ve done & think about whether you need to revise your short & medium term goals.

If you have a goal, it’s no good if it’s written in a book that’s hidden away – put it on your wall or computer screen to remind you of where you want to get to. Put your achievements on your wall as well as this will help you when you feel it’s all too much.


Crystallize your goals. Make a plan for achieving them and set yourself a deadline. Then, with supreme confidence, determination and disregard for obstacles and other people’s criticisms, carry out your plan.Paul J. Meyer

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Please note we’re on holiday, reflecting on our goals from 20 July – 4th August